FLEX Physics: AP Physics 1 (Honors Physics) and AP Physics C

It was great to meet you all today. What we covered was essentially all the core material necessary for an understanding of motion problems in one dimension. Here are some suggested homework problems for our next meeting: AP Physics 1 (Honors Physics) From Giancoli — end of chapter problems from chapter 2 — 8, 10,… Continue Reading

Precalculus and Trigonometry Meeting 1


Hi all. It was great to see you all today. As promised, here are the homeworks which will be due at the start of the first meeting. Feel free to leave questions in the spaces below. Also, be sure to check the webpage for your class to get additional info and posts. Homework is listed… Continue Reading

FLEX College Prep Summer Preview Classes

Here you will find notes and posts relating to all courses and tutoring services I provide for FLEX College Prep. One of the main features of the publishing language is that it allows for easy rendering of mathematics. If you are interested in learning how to typeset your own beautiful mathematics — like $$ E=mc^2… Continue Reading