This page will be totally devoted to the study of classical geometry, and more.

Classical Euclidean Geometry

The Greeks are thought of as being among the first cultures to systematically organize and record all the known results of the ancient world concerning geometric relationships. The “magnum opus” was recorded — it is thought — by Euclid in what is called “The Elements.” You can find an interesting review of that here:


In this course, we will be exploring the basics of an introductory class on elementary high school geometry.

These excerpts from Art of Problem Solving’s “Volume 1: the Basics” provide an extremely good rapid overview of circles and triangles.

Intro to Circles

Intro to Triangles 1

Intro to Triangles 2

Intro to Triangles 3

Here are the links to a classic Euclidean Geometry text which I have been using for examples. It is broken up into several chapters because of the size of the PDF files.

Geometry_for_Enjoyment_and_Challenge ch1-2

Geometry_for_Enjoyment_and_Challenge ch3-4

Geometry_for_Enjoyment_and_Challenge ch5-6

Geometry_for_Enjoyment_and_Challenge ch7-9

Geometry_for_Enjoyment_and_Challenge ch10-11

Final Homework Project

Here is a practice final with answers included.

Practice Final Homework Worksheet – Geometry

And here is the actual final that you should complete before our next meeting on Wednesday.

Final Homework Worksheet Geometry