AP Physics 1– Honors Physics

Be sure to see the regular blogs that are posted as well. You can find a copy of the syllabus to the class here. I also promised to make available digital versions of a couple of popular texts.

Here you will find the text by Giancoli.

Giancoli – Physics Principles with Applications 7th c2014 txtbk

Here you will find the text by Cutnell and Johnson

Physics 9th Edition-ch1-ch10

Week 1 and Week 2

I also promised to post copy’s of my lectures. Here are the first two.


Although this is lecture one for the course, it is titled lecture 2 since it goes with chapter 2 of Giancoli’s text. Here is the outline for the second lecture


Here are the complete solutions to the chapter 2 problems in Giancoli

Solutions to Chapter 2 problems

Here is the lecture outline for meetings 3 and 4 that we worked through


Here are two practice worksheets. The corresponding reading comes from chapter 4 of the Giancoli text.

Newton’s Laws concept questions These are conceptual exercise intended to help you develop your intuition.

Newton’s Laws Exercises These are more substantial exercises intended to help you develop your problem solving skills.

Week 3

This week will review Newton’s laws and discuss some applications of Newton’s laws in problem solving situations. Then we will turn to the important discussion of uniform circular motion and applications of Newton’s theory of gravity within that context.

Here is a copy of the slides we started to use today for your reference.

Circular Motion and Gravity

Here is a copy of the Midterm which will be due next Tuesday.


Week 4

This week we will begin our study of the important role that “energy” plays in the study of motion and dynamics. Here is a link to the slides I used during our last presentation.

Work and Energy

Also for review, you should look over the slides from last week on circular motion and gravity. Here is a review packet of exercises that go with that unit.

Circular Motion and Gravitation Worksheet

Week 5

This week we started with a review of the handout given last Thursday on energy and work. We reviewed a number of problems and if anyone has any additional questions please let me know. The new concept this week is that of momentum. Momentum is defined for a system of particles as the sum of the individual products of their masses times their velocities …

\displaystyle{ \Sigma m_i v_i = p_{tot}}

Here, p_{tot} is the total momentum.

Here are the slides I wanted to cover — 07_LectureOutline

Week 6

This week we will continue our discussion of momentum and the conservation of momentum. We did a detailed analysis of the interaction between two masses on a frictionless track. We then discussed the concept of center of mass and how it is related to the motions of systems. Here is a worksheet on the chapter concepts.

Linear Momentum

And here is a copy of the discussion questions we worked on in class:

Momentum Questions7th c2014 txtbk

Final Homework Project 

Here are a set of homework questions covering a broad range of topics selected from material we have covered so far.

AP Physics 1 Final Worksheet