FLEX AP Physics C

Be sure to check the Physics C webpage. There you will find some practice problems on Newton’s Laws. Also, here is a wonderful copy of the most recent edition of a classic physics text by Zemansky and Young: University Physics with Modern Physics 14ed [2015]

FLEX AP Physics 1

Please check out the new posts. I uploaded two problem sets with complete solutions on Newton’s Laws of motion. I also uploaded the slides from last weeks lectures for your reference. Happy 4th of July.  

FLEX Precalculus

I separated the precalculus webpage from the trigonometry page. Please check out the new arrangement. There you will find review material for last week. Let me know if you have any questions.  

FLEX Introduction to Trigonometry

Please check out the new web page exclusively devoted to ideas from trigonometry. There you will find the posts of last weeks lectures as well as some review sheets. Let me know if you have any questions.

FLEX AP Physics C Week 2 Meeting 1

Hi all. If you go to the AP Physics page, you will see that I uploaded the powerpoint presentation we worked on today along with a review problem set. Please try to work the problems in that exercise set for homework for next time. Peter.  

FLEX Precalculus Meeting 3

We completed our unit on functions and their representations. Here is a review homework set which will be due on Thursday. Homework for Thursday Also, please skim over the course material in Chapter 6 of the Demana (online) text.

FLEX Trigonometry Meeting 3

We concluded our unit on trigonometry with right triangles. Homework is to complete the chapter test and the end of chapter 1. I posted some review sheets on the course webpage — remember to look under Trigonometry. I also posted the powerpoint presentations I used today.  

AP Physics 1 (Honors Physics) Week 2

This week we will begin our study of Physics proper. You will find the solutions to all the chapter 2 problems on the course web page.

AP Physics 1 (Honors Physics) Meeting 2

In our last meeting we reviewed the absolutely mission critical idea of vector. For a wonderful discussion of the idea of vector and the history of the development of the concept of vector quantities you should watch this video — https://www.learner.org/vod/vod_window.html?pid=552. For completeness and for reference purposes, we list below a short summary of vector quantities you… Continue Reading

Precalculus and Trigonometry Meeting 2

Trigonometry In addition to assignments I will be making from the text by Graham, I would also like you to engage with the online text by Larson. You can find a copy of it on the webpage for this course. Read Ch. 1, section 1 of that book. It gives a good discussion of the… Continue Reading